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Strategic Plan

Our Vision is to be recognized as the Voice of Business in promoting and nurturing a prosperous Belleville community.

Our Mission is to help your business prosper by connecting you to the community, representing your business needs to all levels of government and sharing your contributions & milestones with each other.

We will achieve this vision through proactive leadership under the tenets of

Connect. Represent. Share

  • By providing a means of networking amongst our members to enable both business and personal development opportunities

  • By acting as a strong advocate of business to ensure government policy will create sustainable economic growth

  • By nurturing partnerships in economic development, education, training and the environment

Strategy #1 – Grow membership: Our desired outcome is to be recognized as Belleville’s leading business organization.  We will accomplish this by growing our membership through a strong recruitment and retention plan that reflects the needs of all aspects of the Belleville business community.

Background:  At its core, the Chamber is a membership organization therefore we need to grow and develop our membership base to ensure it meets the needs of the entire business community. Membership based organizations are facing increasing difficulty in retaining and growing their membership as the face of the business community continues to change. To achieve success in this strategy, the Chamber will need to focus on both retention of current membership and the attraction of new members. We will need to adapt our approach to retention and attraction of members to recognize the changing needs of our membership.

Strategy #2 – Role model sound business practices:  Our desired outcome is to be recognized as a leading example of sound business practices.  We will accomplish this by developing the operational capacity of the Chamber to deliver our strategic initiatives and business commitments to deliver the desired results in an efficient and productive manner.

Background:  The chamber should be viewed as an example of a highly efficient and professional business organization making use of leading edge business practices and tools.  Investments in productivity improvements and staff skills development have been minimal for the last several years and as such, we now face serious limitations in our ability to collect and track data including membership information.  Improvement in internal communications systems will create a more effective team environment.

Strategy #3 – Be the Voice of Business:  Our desired outcome is to be sought out for our advice and opinion on issues affecting the economic climate in Belleville.  We will accomplish this by developing the Chamber as a proactive policy advocate recognized by all three levels of government.

Background:  Traditionally the Chamber has been expected to be the “voice of business.” Our ability to meet this expectation depends on several factors – willingness of our members to bring their issues forward, their perception of our ability to make their issues known to the appropriate level of government and the willingness of government to deal with these issues.  We will need to develop an effective communications mechanism that will ensure these issues flow effectively between our members and policy makers

Strategy #4 – Demonstrate sound non-profit governance:  Our desired outcome is to develop and demonstrate a strong and effective governance and committee structure that leverages the significant skills and network of the Chamber’s board of Directors in supporting the achievement the Chamber’s Strategic Plan.

Background:  As a non-profit organization we are required to have a volunteer board of directors who will ensure the Chamber’s constitution and bylaws are adhered to. Additionally, our board members each bring a unique set of skills and perspective to the Chamber that we would be wise to acknowledge and utilize when possible.  Recognizing that each board member has other interests and commitments and therefore limited time to commit, it is imperative that we utilize their time, knowledge and skill in the most efficient manner possible in achieving the Strategic Plan.