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What you need to know about chemicals found in common products

Lisa Hallsworth from Rillea Technologies recently authored an article that discusses ototoxic chemicals that are found in many common industrial products.

Exposure to these chemical ingredients can cause hearing loss, tinnitus and debilitating neurological issues, such as dizziness.

These symptoms can be confused with anxiety and mental wellness and can result in significant employee absenteeism. They are also not easy to associate with exposure to chemicals and can therefore be difficult to connect with the workplace. Awareness about ototoxic chemicals and knowing how to identify them can result in rapid improvement in workplace safety and health. 

Significant quantities of ototoxic ingredients can be found in adhesives, gasket removers, brake cleaners, floor sealers, graffiti removers, paint, etc. and we help clients identify these potentially problematic products for risk assessment.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Lisa Hallsworth is a chemical engineer turned entrepreneur who is passionate about chemical safety in the workplace.

An expert on managing workplace hazards, her 30-year professional engineering career includes positions with the Canadian subsidiaries of Petro-Canada, DuPont, Invista, Axalta, Fluor Daniel, Shaw and Worley Parsons.

In response to the complex challenges of managing hazardous chemicals, Lisa co-founded SDS RiskAssist in 2016, a complete chemical safety and WHMIS compliance software solution in one easy-to-use app.

Today the software enables federal, provincial and municipal governments, and organizations in the education, health, dental, manufacturing, laboratory, food and service sectors to easily and effectively manage the risks of hazardous chemicals while protecting people and the planet.

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