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From the Desk of the CEO Jill Raycroft

It is just so Canadian that we spent Wednesday discussing our golf tournament (save the date – June 14) and today it is snowing.  Where is spring anyway???

At least with weather like this, the QHBA Quinte Home & Lifestyle Show should be well attended without the distraction of sun and spring cleaning – I know I’ll be there most of the weekend!  And as we begin to anticipate nicer weather, our member and community events listing continues to grow. 

Last weekend, I spent some time in the Cabin freshening up the dark space in the back – I thought “Butter Up” yellow was the perfect colour to brighten up Susan’s space when she returns next week after her shoulder replacement.  I’m not sure I have consensus on that yet so please feel free to come in and check it out and weigh in on whether I should take the ladder home now or try again.









And last night, I joined the Cheap Seats for my monthly chat with Bill, Ryan, Tim & Jodie…  and of course, we talked a bit about politics.  It will be an interesting campaign and while the Liberal budget does allocate some money towards business growth and investment, we are still struggling to see the benefits of the increase in the minimum wage.  We are also waiting to see what the PC party has to offer beyond references to cleaning things up.  Ultimately, we want a government that is accountable for their spending and will appreciate that business is on the same side in terms of wanting growth and prosperity for the community they live in.

I also had a couple of queries this week – and anticipating I might get more, will put them to you…  is anyone looking for students to hire this summer?  And is anyone looking for a business opportunity?  If so, please reach out – I’ll be away in China next week but will certainly get back to you on my return.  On the off chance I’m unable to share my view from the Great Wall next week – have a great couple of weeks and don’t forget to sign up for the 4th Celebration of the Belleville Inclusion Committee (scroll through the events to RSVP).