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From the Desk of the CEO Jill Raycroft


Or are you still wondering if you should go? 

Let me give you some good reasons to attend this year's President's Dinner:

  1. To help CELEBRATE the people who make business happen in Belleville (this includes you)
  2. You deserve to be CELEBRATED
  3. We are LAUNCHING our new award program (7 amazing people being recognized this year)
  4. We are presenting another Lifetime Achievement Award
  5. Early bird pricing ends on Wednesday, January 31 (5 days from now)

Maybe you think this event is for big companies? 65% of our members have less than 25 employees

Maybe you think you need to dress up? It starts at 5:30 – wear your bank day best

Maybe you don’t know who to sit with? We try to match smaller groups with others that should meet

Maybe you don’t think you have anything in common with the people who go to “those” events? 

You all share a desire to be part of a prosperous community, whether it is by building your own business or you’re part of a larger organization that serves… and this is what unifies us in membership.

This night is for you.

Please…  join us on February 9th!