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5 Minutes for Business State of the Economy

In this edition of 5 Minutes for Business, our Chief Economist, Trevin Stratton, Ph.D., examines Canada’s economic performance up to the mid-point of 2018 and considers what the latter half of the year might have in store for us. Trevin examines such topics such as tariffs, trade talks, pipelines, and electoral change.
The good news is that the economic growth we’ve experienced seems like it’ll continue. The bad news is that, as predicted in our Crystal Ball Report, the uncertainty in regards to certain economic issues is weighing on business investment. Canada’s economic performance in the first half of 2018 demonstrates that one of the few certainties in today’s economy is an enduring state of uncertainty.
Read 5 Minutes for Business to find out more.
For more information, please contact Trevin Stratton, Ph.D., Chief Economist.