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2017 Provincial Budget Release
Belleville Chamber CEO, Jill Raycroft Comments on Provincial Budget
As a voice for local business, the Chamber is asked to provide some insight on what a budget announcement means.  The Ontario Chamber of Commerce speaks on behalf of business and communities across the province and their analysis is helpful for some but in other areas, maybe not as relevant. Read OCC Press Release Here  
Seeking relevance at a local level is the role you effectively entrust to your Chamber, its Board and CEO. Ultimately, we want to see any government spend tax dollars efficiently, effectively and with accountability. It’s not as much about what they say is going to happen but what does happen. Our current provincial government is condemned frequently (and rightly so) for their seeming lack of accountability regarding electricity costs and how that impacts both business and residential customers. My conversations with local businesses reiterate the danger these costs present to expansion and growth - something the budget claims it is hoping to support.  
And so, we hope the expansion of the Business Growth Initiative by $650 million over five years may be something local business can tap into.  The goal for the Chamber over the coming months will be to understand how those opportunities can be leveraged and passing that information on to you.  
For more information on the challenges to business growth and expansion identified by the OCC, visit Breaking-Barriers-Ontarios-Scale-Up-Challenge
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