Congratulations to Erik Rozema-Seaton and his team on their grand opening and ribbon-cutting held on Wednesday, June 19th, 2024.  Local dignitaries and guests gathered for the launch of this new business, dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable and compassionate patient transportation services in the region.  
With a leadership team with over 25 years of experience in transportation logistics and
emergency management, Alliance Patient Transfer is uniquely positioned to offer
exceptional Non-Urgent Medical Transportation services that cater to the specific needs
of their clients and communities.
Founded in response to the growing demand for high-quality, reliable, and
compassionate patient transportation services, Alliance Patient Transfer is committed to
enhancing the healthcare landscape of the Quinte region. Our strategic approach
emphasizes fostering a professional culture, embracing modernized equipment, and
implementing high levels of internal qualifications and standards training programs.
These initiatives are designed to ensure that our services consistently meet and exceed
the expectations of those we serve.

career in transportation logistics, search and rescue, and emergency management with
the Canadian Armed Forces has equipped him with unparalleled expertise and
leadership skills. Under his guidance, Alliance Patient Transfer aims to redefine the
patient transfer experience, setting new standards in the industry for seamless and
compassionate care.
“At Alliance Patient Transfer, we believe that an integrated healthcare system requires
dedicated partners committed to the wellbeing of each individual,” said Erik Rozema-
Seaton, CEO. “Our mission is to provide patient transportation services that embody
care, reliability, and dignity, ensuring every transfer is handled with the utmost
professionalism and compassion.”

Alliance Patient Transfer’s comprehensive range of services includes:
Non-Urgent Medical Transportation: Tailored to meet the unique needs of each
patient, ensuring safe and comfortable transfers.
Onsite First Aid Services: Immediate and effective first aid solutions provided by
trained professionals, enhancing the overall safety and care within the community.
Professional Development: Ongoing training and qualification programs to maintain
the highest standards of care and service.

Our vision is to become the trusted partner in patient transportation, redefining the
transfer experience with a focus on quality, compassion, and reliability. By integrating
modernized equipment with a dedicated and experienced team, Alliance Patient
Transfer is setting new benchmarks for the industry.
For more information about Alliance Patient Transfer and our services, please visit our
website at or contact us at 1-844-843-5523