Adam Hannafin, owner of Hannafin Automation & Industrial Controls welcomed a large crowd to the newly renovated building in Cannifton on Monday, May 2 for their official ribbon cutting and open house.

In a moving welcome speech, Hannafin made a point of thanking local politicians for their support, including Belleville Mayor Mitch Panciuk and Thurlow Ward councilors Paul Carr and Bill Sandison, who made presentations on behalf of MP Shelby Kramp-Neumann and MPP Daryl Kramp, who were unable to attend.  

Hannafin Automation & Industrial Controls are a leader in automation in the manufacturing sector. Their expertise in automation and robotics can improve production speed, supplement staff shortages, and decrease the risk of injury within the workplace.  Their 3D printing experts can assist manufacturers with acquiring parts and prototypes.

After moving into the building in 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Hannafin immediately undertook renovations, making it possible for one of the oldest buildings in Cannifton to support some of the newest technologies in the manufacturing industry. 

Hannafin stated “I would say that we are respecting the past while embracing the future”.

He spoke of ‘Enablers’ as those people that helped him to achieve his dream, and how fortunate our community is to have so many.  He commented on the impact neighbours like Ed Pallo and Chris Finkle had in fostering his desire to look beyond what was in front of him.  Others that crossed his path, like Glen LeClair also helped to inspire his entrepreneurial spirit, and in many ways change his trajectory in a positive way. 

Hannafin recognized the support his family has provided over the years including his wife, children and mother.  When speaking of his grandfather, Hannafin said  “When I was young, he always talked to me with great respect and as an equal. Talking about his business and how he handled things, that alone gave me the strength and knowledge to want to try.”

He also made special mention of the support within the business community, including McDougall Insurance, QEDC, Trenval and BDC.

He finished by recognizing the critical contributions made by his team, saying “I am only a person, this is only a building. You, on the other hand, make this a company what it is. It is a company that makes client problems go away. Sometimes you support clients when they are at their lowest. You support clients in ways that make their business survive and thrive. You are Hannafin Automation”.

Also in attendance was Hastings County Warden Rick Phillips and Belleville Chamber of Commerce President Anthony Callaghan, along with CEO Jill Raycroft.

Hannafin Automation & Industrial Controls Inc. is located at 51 Cannifton Road North.  Visit their website at for more information about their expert automated solutions that are assisting the manufacturing sector in innovation and success.