The Future of Retail in Canada 2021

The year 2020 rapidly altered the landscape of retail. On its face, it appears a disruption—but it’s actually a transformation. It’s allowed retailers the ability to slow down and reevaluate how they do things. It’s allowed retailers to invest in smarter business movements—both online and in-store.

You might think that these changes are merely short-term—a way to get through these difficult times. But the altered landscape of retail is permanent. It has redefined what a meaningful shopping experience can look like for everyone, from consumers to the businesses that serve them.

Suddenly, the changes and pivots you had to make seem less like a challenge and more like an opportunity. When you arrive in that sweet spot where taking genuine chances leads to increased efficiency, it lets you be wherever your customers are. It lets you engage and interact with them in the way they choose.

Digital Main Street and have provided a guide where they explore how businesses are embracing emerging technology and changing customer behaviours to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive retail landscape.

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