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Why Should Your Business Be Listed On TripAdvisor? Making The Most Of TripAdvisor

Story by Laura Voskamp, January 9th 2017, When your business or attraction is on TripAdvisor, it becomes discoverable among hundreds of other relevant local and international businesses on the most trusted travel website in the world. This year, we’re working to put the region’s best foot forward and connect with travelers as they research their desired destinations. 

Trust & Credibility

Word of Mouth Marketing has been called “The Original Social Media”. When we hear things from friends, peers and other influencers we align ourselves with, word travels fast – and sometimes negative news can even beat the good stuff to the punch. When you’re listed properly on TripAdvisor, you’re giving your fans and customers an opportunity to share with others why they chose to visit you, and why they’d come again – and recommendations from real people are often viewed as more credible than ads and messages that a business creates on its own.

Bonus: If you respond to your reviews in a professional and timely manner, those viewing your TripAdvisor listings will begin to connect a real personality with your business and can develop an even stronger relationship with your brand before they visit.

Stats & Growth

Over 250 contributions – whether reviews, ratings, photos or comments – are posted to TripAdvisor each minute. Because travellers are now researching online before they book tours and activities, optimizing your online presence for reviews becomes an absolute necessity. In fact, about 93% of travellers across the world say that their booking decisions are based on online reviews – which means it’s more important than ever to be present and active on platforms like TripAdvisor.

Local Ranking

Ever wanted to know how to reach people nearby when they’re ready to buy? Being present on TripAdvisor is an advantage when it comes to travellers’ search terms like “restaurants near me” or “what to do in Belleville” among dozens of other searches.

In the tourism space, TripAdvisor’s influence still outweighs influence by other services (like Yelp) because visitors are using the site specifically with travel destinations in mind, rather than the catch-all approach of other services. By optimizing your listing, you’re allowing your business to be found by potential visitors when they’re researching a broader destination, a nearby attraction or a related tourism business.


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