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From the Desk of the CEO Jill Raycroft
At the end of the year, everyone is so busy with holiday commitments that we held off on pushing out 2018 events - but all of a sudden, we're just a couple weeks away from our first breakfast of the year and less than a month away from our Annual President's Dinner. Please see the links below for these two upcoming events!
Representing the business community is a principle mandate of the Chamber's work.  The provincial government and media haven't hesitated to shame business owners on how they are reacting to the implementation of Bill 148 and it makes "politics" a sensitive topic among friends.  In partnership with the Quinte West Chamber, we released a statement in which I was quoted:
“The Liberal government would like you to believe raising the minimum wage to $14 (and $15/hour) is somehow going to reduce poverty and that business owners have been the greatest barrier in the fight against it."
Most of you have said Bill 148 will have very little impact on your business - your employees are paid well above minimum wage and complying with the other initiatives outlined in the Act mirror your current practices.  That doesn't mean some aren't challenged with the expense of offering all your employees a raise that compares to the minimum wage increase but we are struggling to have this side of the story shared by the government or celebrated in the media.  
In our efforts to represent your interests as key member of our community and local economy, the extreme cases are often the ones shared for impact. But the every day stories are so important to share now as well.  Please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know what you've done, will do or haven't had to change a bit so we can share these with others.
This is also why the theme of our Annual President's Dinner is "Celebrate".  The Board and I agree your milestones and contributions to the community are often overlooked because you're too busy to notice the impact yourself.  On February 9, you are the star!  We are focusing on you!  We are looking at making this night an extension of the Quinte Business Achievement Awards and in time, developing this to share as many of your special moments with other Chamber members.  I do hope you'll join us!