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From the Desk of the CEO Jill Raycroft

As we celebrated the birth of Matt Munro's new baby, and he enjoys some well-deserved vacation with his daughter - we have to pull together the Chamber Chat this week without him as well as trying to get ready for our Open House next week and year end! 

I cannot believe we are days away from Christmas and I’ve been here at the Chamber for 10 months!  Looking back, the transition has seemed fairly smooth and allowed me to focus on what it is the Chamber does and what we should and could do more of… I am excited to say we are defining this purpose and we’ve got our pitch almost perfected!

What does a Chamber do?
We help your business prosper!
We connect you to the community, we represent you at all levels of government and we share with you the information and experience relevant to helping your business thrive.

The focus in the coming months will be building on the events and partnerships to make these opportunities happen and multiply.  Mingles & Breakfasts will continue but we are excitedly talking about coffee & lunch mobs, learning sessions and some way of showcasing your business, celebrating your milestones and sharing your contributions to the community.