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5 Minutes for Business AccessAbility - $16.8-billion GDP Boost Canadians Need Accessibility in Canada is inadequately addressing the barriers nearly four million Canadians face. Within the next 20 years, that number is expected to soar to over nine million, but by creating a more accessible Canada, there is a potential to unlock $16.8 billion in GDP by increasing our economy’s productive capacity by 2030, according to the Conference Board of Canada. Find out more in this month’s 5 Minutes for Business.
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Canada's Top Entrepreneurial Communities in 2018   Canada's top entrepreneurial communities in 2018  
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Is Your Business Getting Smarter? It Needs to Be. If you have any sort of artificial intelligence or non-human virtual assistant in your home (Siri, Alexa, Google, etc), you’ve likely given it feedback at some point. When you did, it probably made some comment about how it is learning all the time. And it is. This technology which seems largely a form of entertainment for most of us is quickly understanding our preferences, our fears, our lack of information in certain areas, and even our buying habits. Businesses that use this type of technology are getting smarter about their customers. Are you one of them? You might be
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Accounting for Ontario's Debt Today, the Ontario Chamber Network and OCC released its most recent report, Accounting for Ontario’s Debt, offering a thoughtful and balanced analysis of the province’s debt. Ontario’s debt currently amounts to approximately 41 percent of the provincial GDP or, when combined with the federal debt of $680 billion, represents a near 80 percent debt-to-GDP ratio for Ontarians. With talk of looming provincial debt top of mind, this timely report examines what Ontario’s debt means for the economy of today and tomorrow. In a recent OCC survey, nearly 80 percent of respondent
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Call for Comprehensive Review of Canada's Tax System Canada’s tax system is simply not working anymore. Canadian Businesses say it is deterring investment and driving it elsewhere. The general worry is that tax system is affecting our ability to bring labour, talent and skills to our economy. Our members tell us it will affect their ability to expand and compete, leading to slower economic growth. After decades of cutting and pasting, navigating our bloated and byzantine tax code is a significant challenge for local businesses. Small businesses in particular do not have dedicated departments to grapple with complicated tax filing or manage
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